Air Purifiers for Commercial Applications

Proven in the toughest casino and hotel environments, our air purifiers have the commercial quality to make sense to invest in Catalytic PURE AIR purifier to improve indoor air quality in your commercial application.

Public spaces, nail salons, medical offices, meeting rooms, daycare facilities, offices, light commercial manufacturing, gymnasiums are all places Catalytic PURE AIR purifiers are used to reduce indoor air contaminants.

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Catalytic PURE AIR purifiers in Commercial Spaces:

Commercial Applications:













Gerber Medical Center, Reno, NV:  Dr Michael Gerber of The Gerber Medical Clinic specializes in the healthiest solutions for patients and has chosen  Catalytic PURE AIR purifiers in his office to improve indoor air quality.  Always look for innovative health solutions, Dr. Gerber has had an air purifier in his exam room, waiting room and treatment room for over 4 years.



Truckee Tahoe Podiatry: Podiatrist Dave Condon stated," At our facility, we use a laser treatment for taking care of foot problems which has odor as a by product of the treatment. The Catalytic PURE AIR unit takes care of odor problems and improves the indoor air quality at my practice. Staff, patients and I are very pleased with the product.” The unit is used in the treatment room 400 sq. ft. Smelly feet and odors from laser treatments are mitigated by the Catalytic PURE AIR unit as well as chemical odors including: alcohol, disinfectant, burnt skin cells.” 


Noah's Ark Childcare: Noah's Ark Child Care Center has been using the Catalytic PURE AIR purifiers in their facility to reduce dust, allergens, viruses and bacteria. During a filters servicing above, note the difference in the new and used filters. The 5 micron prefilter and 0.3 micron HEPA filter reduce larger particulate in the air stream so the catalytic converter reactor can reduce the microscopic contaminants. 


Catalytic PURE AIR at Cozy Cattery for cat boarding 

Cozy Cattery Cat Boarding Facility: With 10 Catalytic PURE AIR purifiers at the Cozy Cattery offers cat boarding and grooming to customers, owner Susan is appreciates the odor control and reduce airborne particles offered by the air purifiers.


Catalytic PURE AIR purifier at Hall and Wrye Medical Spa and Plastic Surgery Clinic

Hall and Wyre Medical Spa Clinic: Catalytic PURE AIR purifier is used in the treatment room to reduce air borne contaminants and keep the equipment cool. The laser therapy produces by products and odors that are reduces by the air purifier. Air movement by the air purifier also kept the equipment from overheating and turning off. 


Front Office Staff Office: The Catalytic Pure Air system is the greatest. My niece and her husband have extreme allergies to dogs, before purchasing our system they couldn’t come to our home without popping Claritin….The system is so great we have one in our office…Our team of receptionist appreciate fresh clean air every day.



 The Sleep Shop Organic Mattress Store:  Karen Wood owner of the Sleep Shop stated “Jim at Catlaytic PURE AIR provides personal service for a fantastic product. Buy the Catalytic Pure air purifier and he’ll set it up and service it as needed (in the Truckee Meadows area.) I haven’t seen a product that reduces particulate matter in home or office as good as this product. Jim even arranges a payment plan when possible. Don’t miss out on this amazing air purifier. If you have respiratory problems and are trying to reduce toxins in your home, check this out!”


Minuteman Press Printing Shop: “We had a strong smell of the solvents we use to clean our printing presses. Using the Catalytic PURE AIR unit been fantastic in eliminating the smell of the solvents. My employees and customers are in a much healthier environment.” said Owner Gary Harmon.

Application: Catalytic PURE AIR unit is used in the office area and placed by the printing presses to reduce toxic odors.

Technical: Toxic cleaners for the printing press including volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds which can be hazardous to humans.

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